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 Panoramic 180i Camera
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  14MP P-180i NO-GLOW
NOW $415.00
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Camera Solar Panel Kit
Solar panel with built-in 12 volt battery. LED display. Compatible with any Moultrie camera. The 3-feet cord allows placement in optimal sunlight and weather resistant.   NOW $145.00
Are you looking for an infra-red scouting camera that delivers crisp wide screen and panoramic pictures, quick response time and an easy way to bring the trail home? 180° PANORAMIC VIEW The Panoramic 180i covert no glow comes with 3 infra-red motion sensors that cover a super-wide 180 degree detection area. Compare that to your current scouting camera. When movement is detected, the cameras take photos or videos. With 0.5-sec trigger speed. Runs on AA batteries, the P-180i has plenty of juice to capture photos or video of your next trophy. Pictures come in two forms: 16:9 wide-screen or 48:9 panoramic. This infra- red camera is the perfect choice for all of your trail camera needs. The Moultrie Panoramic 180i boasts a field of view that is 3X greater than standard trail camera. The sample size you can collect on every picture is simply phenomenal. When set to panoramic mode, every time the game camera is triggered, it will take 3 photos (from one side to the other) that are then stitched together to form the panoramic photo. Convenient settings that enable users to shorten the time frame that the three panoramic photos are taken.
Capture more than ever before, full 180 degrees with this all-new panoramic game camera. Boasting the unmatched performance and functionality Moultrie is known for, the Panoramic 180i features 14-mega pixel image resolution, invisible infra-red illumination and no moving parts for completely silent surveillance, running on AA batteries for added convenience. Resolution: 14.0 MP Trigger speed: less than 0.5 seconds Flash range: 70 ft. Flash technology: invisible infra-red (940 nm) Full HD video: 1080px 12 Months Australian Warranty and a FREE 16GB SD Card.