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The UM595-3G with 2-way SMS command function. Our new UM595-3G 12MP “BLACK OPS” wireless 3G camera is packed full of features. High resolution images or video recording, fast triggering, a built-in colour viewer NO GLOW LEDS and that's just to name a few. The 3G/MMS/EMAIL/SMS wireless feature is where this camera really shines. The external antenna gives you the ability to receive a stronger mobile signal where other MMS cameras can't and the quick set-up is simple and very user friendly and can take up to 12AA batteries for longer out in the field time. Supports 2-way remote SMS commands for remote monitoring. The UM595-3G offers lower running costs by using a 3G/GPRS SMTP DATA plan or you can pay per MMS picture message. When using the UM595-3G camera there is no need to pay extra to a overseas company unlike some cameras being offered in Australia where you have to pay a monthly fee on top of your mobile plan. The UM595-3G by UOVISION sends 800x600 pictures to your mobile phone or email and is the ONLY camera with adjustable KB file size so you can see the details you need for scouting or security purposes while still saving the high resolution images to the SD card within the camera. This camera will pay for itself in fuel savings alone. The UM595-3G is a top-of-the-line camera as a surveillance tool that is a must for every outdoors man or security professional.  The UM595-3G “Black OPS” sends you photos anywhere in the world. All you need is an activated SIM card. Supports the Telstra 3G or NEXT-G network. As used by Police, Councils and other law enforcement agencies t he UM595-3G “BLACK OPS” is perfect for Warehouse and Farm Security, Home and Property Surveillance, Farm Gates, Crop and live Stock Monitoring, Fauna Surveys or any other project that requires longer range NO GLOW BLACK FLASH infra-red LEDS. Anti-theft boxes are available and Sold Separately. FEATURES:   5MP or 12MP interpolated images that reduces visual distortion Lens F=3.0mm FOV Field of View = 52 degrees Fast trigger speed (1s). IR Black Flash range 6 or 12 metres programmable with 60 LEDS Time Lapse function, motion trigger and timer trigger Configurable 3G/MMS/GPRS functions when using the windows based set-up software 800 x 600 or 640x480 pictures, Built-in 2” True-colour TFT display for camera setting & picture preview Transmit pictures via cellular network message or email with 2-way SMS control Send alerts to max. 4 mobile devices and 4 e-mails Supports the Telstra 3G or NEXT-G network. Easy set-up with user-friendly interface with 1~3 image burst Time Lapse from On/Off programmable timer function and supports up to a 32GB Ultra low stand-by power consumption. Recycles the SD card.  Old image override On/Off Access Control password protection.  Built-in holes for a Python lock Temperature and moon phase stamp on the images Runs on 12 AA batteries for longer field time and Outdoor IP54 rated Ports & Jacks, SIM Card Slot, USB Jack / SD Card Slot, 6V DC Jack / External Antenna Port External battery jack works with all Uovision approved 6V external power options 2-Way Android CAM Control App. Complete with mounting strap 12 Months Australian Warranty and a FREE 16GB SD card.                                                                 
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The 12MP UV595 HD is a long range No-Glow Black Flash IR camera. Designed for better security and covert operations. When it comes to 940Nm LED distance this little beauty just blows them away. NOW $335.00