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NOW $495.00
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WildGuarder 4G 12MP HD
The 12MP UV595 HD is a long range No-Glow Black Flash IR camera. Designed for better security and covert operations. When it comes to 940Nm LED distance this little beauty just blows them away. NOW $335.00
HIGH DEFINITION COVERT IR CAMERA      The Wild Guarder-4G LTE trail camera is the first generation of 4G LTE Trail Cameras to come onto the market. The Guard1-4G is packed full of features such as, High resolution 12MP Images, HD 1080P Video Recording, fast trigger speed, 0.6s and has a built in colour viewer. Supports NO GLOW LEDS and allows you to send videos or photo’s directly to your mobile phone. The 4G LTE trail camera Guard1-4G features is where this camera really shines. The external antennas gives you the ability to receive a stronger mobile signal and GPS Signal where other MMS cameras can't and the quick set- up is simple and very user friendly. Take 12AA batteries for longer out in the field time. The 4G LTE trail camera Guard1-4G offers lower running costs by using a 4G LTE/3G WCDMA/GPRS SMTP DATA plan or you can pay per MMS picture messages. When using the 4G LTE trail camera Guard1-4G camera there is no need to pay extra to  a overseas company unlike some cameras being offered where you have to pay a monthly fee on top of your mobile plan. This model comes with GPS function that can show you the ‘Longitude & latitude’ in the pictures. This is just another great function and is very useful for police, hunters, researchers, security personal etc.
FEATURES:   Picture Resolution :12MP=4032x3024,8MP=3264x2448,5MP=2560x1920 Video Resolution : HD 1080P (30fps),720P (30fps),VGA(30fps) Lens:F/NO=3.0, FOV (Field of View) =90°,Auto IR-Cut-Remove (at night) IR Flash: 56pcs 940nM 60feet/20m. LCD Display: 2” TFT. Memory Card: UP to 32 GB PIR sensing distance :65feet/20m, PIR Sensitivity: PIR with 3 sensitivity level: High/Normal/Low Operation mode: Camera, Video,Camera+Video Trigger Time: 0.6s Power Supply: 12×AA or 8×AA Stand-by Current :0.035ma MMS  Function: support 1-3 Mobile ID GPRS Email Function: support 1-3 Email ID Picture Stamp: logo, camera ID, time, date, moon phrase, battery level and temperature Interface: HDMI out; USB; SD card; 5-6V DC external SIM card Waterproof grade :IP66 Operation temperature : -30 - +60°C / -40 - +70°C. Supports: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone 3G/4G networks. Please Note: we have only tested it using Telstra. 12 Months Australian Warranty and a FREE 16GB SD Card.