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 X-Trail 12MP Zero Glow
  X-Trail 3CW Zero Glow
X-Trail HD 3CW 12mP Trail Camera      If you are after a 12MP Zero Glow wildlife camera to monitor your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the location of your camera then this is it.  The X-Trail 3CW HD uses advanced Zero Glow flash technology so the IR flash is invisible.  The X-Trail HD 3CW will record high quality images and video day or night whenever anything comes within range of triggering the unique infra-red sensor.  This camera supports a full 100 degree FOV with an impressive trigger time of 0.4 seconds to capture anything that wanders or strays in front of it. The units will automatically switch between day time and night time mode depending on the ambient light and will record images or video in total darkness using the infra-red led array.  The X-Trail 3CW HD runs on just 12AA batteries and supports time lapse and is programmable to work from 10 Seconds ~ 24 Hours taking a picture at long range day or night. Due to their sensitivity they are better used in areas that would not have a lot of vegetation moving around within 10m of the camera.  Sheds, shipping containers and more urban environments are ideal locations for this camera. The timer function is programmable to work only in a specified period of the day or night. The serial number setting enables you to code locations in the photos, helping multi-camera users identify the location when reviewing the photos on a computer. Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in each picture.
NOW $255.00
FEATURES:   X-Trail 3CW HD 12MP 56 LEDS with Zero Glow IR flash at around 12+ metres 12-Mega pixel high-quality resolution selectable Cam + Video mode enables camera to take both pictures and video on every trigger event Sharp and bright colour pictures/videos in daytime and black/white pictures/videos at night Built-in 2 ¼” TFT colour display to set up parameters and review pictures/videos Ultra low standby power consumption. AVI video resolution 1080p HD recording Extremely long in-field life in standby mode, up to 6 months with 8 x AA batteries Perform in the most extreme temperatures from -22°F to 158°F Impressively quick trigger time (0.4 second) Programmable to work as Time-Lapse camera taking pictures at pre-set intervals Timer setting on, programmable to work only in specified period every day Backpack tree grabber makes mounting and aiming a snap Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in the pictures Compact size (5 ½ x 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches). IP54 weather rating Lockable and password protected and supports up to 32GB SD cards 12 Months Australian Warranty and a FREE 16GB SD Card.
 X-TRAIL 4GR Zero Glow
The 12MP X-TRAIL-4GR HD uses the 3G /4G network to deliver real time photos by sending them directly to your smart mobile phone when activated. As used by Police, Councils, Security and other law enforcement agencies. Supports basic 2-way SMS control and uses a Iphone/Android mobile app. Runs on just 12AA batteries & supports multi shot image bursts. NOW $495.00